Pupil premium funding 2017-18 SSA FINAL - page 12-13

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Pupil experience/
enrichment/ study
Attainment and
Provision of books, textbooks, software, study guides and
other learning resources for assertive mentoring programme
- with additional subsidy for disadvantaged pupils.
Graduate trainee
‘pre-PGCE’ level
Attainment and
Additional staffing resources to provide small group and 1:1
support for disadvantaged pupils in GCSE subjects
Aspiration Day
Attainment and
Contribution towards an event showcasing employment and
HE opportunities including representation from Oxford,
Cambridge and Sheffield Universities and Blue Chip
employers for all Sheffield Springs pupils to attend along
with their parents. Subsidised transport for disadvantaged
pupils, with special emphasis on Key Stage 4.
Coaching and
mentoring from
Senior Leaders from
neighbouring school
Attainment and
Contribution towards payment for coaching and mentoring
for Middle Leaders and Teachers to embed the STEPs model
and ensure that differentiated learning outcomes are
accurately and robustly assessed. Develop teachers’ ability
to provide clear, diagnostic feedback to pupils in both
written and verbal form in order to support their learning
and progress.
The above spending was decided upon through a combination of needs analysis, consultation with the Principals of two local schools who were ‘Pupil
Premium Award winners’ and through use of the Education Endowment Foundation Teaching & Learning Toolkit to evaluate impact against cost of
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