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Although it is important to utilise the Pupil Premium to intervene in underperformance at Key Stage 4, the academy
is also identifying aspects of examination underperformance in English and maths and putting in place strategies at
Key Stage 3 to prevent deficiencies in pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding persisting when they come to sit
their GCSE exams.
These are:
Aspect of
Strategy employed
Aspect of
Strategy employed
Question 4 English
Language– evaluating and
comparing texts.
Staff training from UL
and AQA focused on
effective strategies for
teaching these
questions to students of
varying ages/ability and
scrutiny of SSA KS3 and
4 Q4 exam responses
from summer 2017 (UL
and external GCSE
Bespoke after school
enrichment sessions for
students identified in AP
assessment QLA as
underperforming in
these areas. Sessions
delivered on a weekly
basis to students
following staff training
from UL/AQA.
Accessing worded
Maths form focus on
worded, contextualised,
problems. 30 mins per day
3 times per week. Y11
Maths intervention
mornings. All students will
be in carousel style
workshops working on
distinct functional
KS3 to be given regular
assess to common
crossover questions
Higher/Foundation. These
questions to make up part
of the AP assessments (6
times a year)
Reading comprehension
Full external training for
the Literacy Coordinator
to enable her to lead
and manage the reading
interventions in school:
Accelerated Reader and
AR programme fully
embedded since Dec
2016 to address
underperformance and
improve the reading age
of all students in Y7-10.
2 form time sessions per
Applying correct
mathematical function to
Hegarty maths/purchase of
revision guides. Edexcel
revision guide and
workbook go hand in hand
so questions follow on
from explanation. Hegarty
maths uses video tutorials
to ensure correct
application of functions
1...,3,4,5,6-7,8-9,10-11,12-13,14,15,16 18,19,20,21,22,23,24
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