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Attainment and
Contribution towards an event showcasing
employment and HE opportunities including
representation from Oxford, Cambridge and Sheffield
Universities and Blue Chip employers for all Sheffield
Springs pupils to attend along with their parents.
Subsidised transport for disadvantaged pupils, with
special emphasis on Key Stage 4.
Coaching and
from Senior
Leaders from
Attainment and
Contribution towards payment for coaching and
mentoring for Middle Leaders and Teachers to embed
the STEPs model and ensure that differentiated
learning outcomes are accurately and robustly
assessed. Develop teachers’ ability to provide clear,
diagnostic feedback to pupils in both written and
verbal form in order to support their learning and
White British
Attainment –
Attainment and
Travel, links and cover to enable visits to Bridlington
Academy, high achieving school with mainly deprived
White British cohort. Learning from their ensuring
attainment strategies, joint planning of curriculum
resources, leadership joint planning, links between
subject areas.
Attainment of
PP High prior
Attainment and
Travel, accommodation and cover to enable group of
17 PP High girls to undertake multiple visits to
Guildford High. Establish links with pupils there to
develop aspiration and access learning at the highest
level. Teachers then undertake joint planning as a CPD
exercise. Pupils are supported in accessing highest
Attainment of
PP High /
Middle prior
Attainment and
Access to examiners and senior staff from AQA in
English and maths for CPD – cover costs, consultancy
fees, materials and resources costs. Further teachers’
understanding of requirements of grades 5+.
Measuring the impact of Pupil Premium spending:
The impact of the pupil premium spending will be measured through comparison of progress and outcomes for Y11
pupils in the 2017-18 GCSE exams with progress and outcomes in previous years. At each of the 6 assessment points
throughout the academic year, the progress being made by disadvantaged pupils is measured against that of their
non-disadvantaged peers and interventions are implemented in any areas where they are required.
The wider impact of Pupil Premium spending will also be measured through comparing the progress and attainment
of Y7-10 pupils in all subject areas, but particularly English, maths and science.
A full ASDTi Classroom Climate survey of all pupils will be taken in the summer term. This will be compared to the
previous years’ survey results. Responses from pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium will be compared to those from
non-disadvantaged pupils.
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