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week run by fully
trained form tutors as
well as 1 hour each
week focused on AR as
part of the English
Lexia sessions running
for students in Y7-11
with a reading age of 9
or less to improve
students’ ability to read
and understand texts.
Sessions delivered by
trained form tutors and
English staff twice
Staff training from UL
and AQA focused on
effective strategies for
teaching inference to
students of varying
ages/ability and scrutiny
of SSA KS3 and 4 Section
A (reading) exam
responses from summer
2017 (UL and external
GCSE exams.)
Bespoke after school
enrichment sessions for
students identified in AP
assessment QLA as
underperforming in
these areas. Sessions
delivered on a weekly
basis to students
following staff training
from UL/AQA
Maths fluency
Maths numeracy during
form time for Y7-10, one 30
min session per week.
Regular 12 question
assessments of maths
fluency. Promotion of
competition and success
between students . Some
members of staff will need
assistance with the
explanation of answers
Staff training delivered
by KS1 and Y4 teachers
to upskill staff in the
English department in
teaching SPaG skills to
KS3 LPA students.
Mathematical reasoning –
using correct terminology
when answering questions
Use of workshops/pre
examination assembly.
Ensure staff are modelling
good practice and have a
good knowledge of the
examiners’ mark scheme.
This can be achieved
1...,4,5,6-7,8-9,10-11,12-13,14,15,16,17 19,20,21,22,23,24
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