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Attainment and
Funding to enable PP pupils to access offsite STEM events
such as those at the University of Sheffield or at the Rolls
Royce AMRC. Majority of funding is to subsidise
transportation costs of multiple visits. This will enhance
pupils’ understanding of STEM topics and raise aspirations
through accessing HE and employers’ facilities and
Literacy co-ordinator Literacy
Literacy co-ordinator given performance management
targets that include supporting literacy and language
acquisition and raising reading ages of disadvantaged pupils;
also responsible for the implementation of the STAR
accelerated reading programme. Funding supports TLR
awarded to Literacy co-ordinator.
Key stage managers
Behaviour and
Provision of pastoral support to improve behaviour,
establish more positive relationships between pupils and
their peers / teachers and to engage them in learning.
Particular focus on disadvantaged pupils who account for a
disproportionate amount of low level disruptive behaviour
incidents, impeding learning and progress.
Engagement officers
Behaviour and
Able and talented
Attainment and
Travel and event entry subsidies for disadvantaged pupils
and funding towards the ‘Champions Project’, which
provides competitive events for ‘more able’ disadvantaged
pupils such as ‘spelling bee’ and ‘university challenge’ in
conjunction with other United Learning academies as well as
social and cultural activities such as theatre and ballet trips,
reading groups and visits to aspirational employers (such as
HSBC / Santander / Lloyds in the City of London).
Data support
Attainment and
Contribution towards provision of enhanced data team in
order that greater depth of analysis can be carried out to
support teachers’ understanding of the progress being made
by disadvantaged pupils and to analyse their areas for
improvement, better informing subsequent interventions.
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