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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)

The motto of Sheffield Springs Academy is ‘The Best in Everyone’ which summarises the school’s approach to providing excellent education through which all students are able to progress, achieve and go on to succeed in life.  Academic development is enhanced by consistently embedding spiritual, moral, cultural and social development throughout the curriculum, assemblies and additional activities.

We want our students to appreciate and engage with wider life experiences: inspire their wonder of the world around them, encourage a sense of moral purpose; enhance their appreciation of cultural diversity and develop their confidence and maturity in handling the personal aspects of their lives.

In all their learning experiences, students should be asking “What, Why and How?”

We want our young people to be active, productive and responsible participants in society by developing their personal skills, social skills, resilience and determination. In achieving this aim the support we receive from parents, friends and the wider community is invaluable and greatly appreciated.


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