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Cashless Catering System

We use biometric technology for eRegistration and for our cashless catering system.  This is a convenient method for registration and increases efficiency with serving food. Queuing times have been halved, enabling young people to access our facilities more quickly.  The process of obtaining lunch is easier for students entitled to a free school meal and generally, as lunches can be paid for in advance at the start of the school day/week, your child also has the benefit of not having to worry about losing money throughout the morning. 


We chose the Live Register system because it uses the latest biometric technology to scan a student’s finger; this generates a unique number used in the Live Register system to identify your child, allowing them to register and to spend money from their cashless account.  The fingerprint is not stored and cannot be used by any other system.


In compliance with the Protection of Freedom Act 2012, we require parental consent, before your child joins the academy in year 7, to your child being registered  onto the Live Register system using their fingerprint.

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