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Executive Governing Body

In order to support the evolution of the leadership structure across Sheffield Park and Sheffield Springs Academies, the sponsor has worked alongside the Local Governing Bodies and Executive Principal to establish an Executive Governing Body.


The Executive Governing Body oversees strategic matters, particularly those where resources or accountabilities are shared across both academies.  The Executive Governing Body provides challenge and support for the Executive Principal and ensures that economies and efficiencies of scale are achieved in all aspects of the working relationship between the two schools.


The Executive Governing Body also holds senior leaders to account for robust ‘quality of education’ and outcome targets and ensures that statutory obligations are met, including those that it delegates to the Local Governing Bodies.


The executive governance structure was introduced in September 2016 and, alongside the Local Governing Bodies, harnesses the talents, experience and professional knowledge of a range of members drawn from the fields of commerce, manufacturing, law, education, safeguarding, finance and, perhaps most importantly, as parents and stakeholders in our community.


The terms of reference for the Executive and Local Governing Bodies can be seen here: Terms of reference.pdf

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