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07 November 2014

Principal’s Letter - Friday 7th November 2014

Dear Parents and Carers

As we welcomed students back on Monday, we provided a reminder of our standards and expectations:

  • Uniform - additional extras include a watch and a pair of ear studs

We say no to – nail varnish, nail extensions, facial piercings

  • Punctual to learning – take the shortest route

We say no to – being more than 5 minutes late – this results in a “late detention”

  • Prepared for learning – pen, pencil, ruler, planner, bag

We say no to - poor preparation and poor presentation

  • Maximise learning opportunities – present work to a high standard, always be focused on learning

We say no to – poor presentation, toilet stops during learning

  • Around the Academy –  Be polite, respectful and dignified

We say no to – litter, using mobile phones, chewing

Reminder to Y11 students that the externally moderated examination series starts on Monday 24th November - there are just 10 school days left before these start.  It is very important that students prepare for these examinations by revising at home and attending the session 6 support classes within the Academy.

Assemblies this week have focused on the meaning of remembrance and it is our intention to hold a 2 minute silence on Tuesday 11th November at 11am to commemorate Armistice Day.  Our Y7 fundraising team, together with Sixth Form volunteers, have given their support by visiting classrooms during form time to sell Poppies.  The last two years we have raised £145 and £182 respectively.  Thank you to all staff and students who have contributed to this year’s Poppy Appeal.

On the 12th November, our Y7 students will have the opportunity to meet children’s author Tommy Donbavand.  Tommy is a renowned author, who has written exciting, bestselling novels, such as the Scream Street and Fangs Vampire Spy series.  Y7 students have been informed of Tommy’s visit and had a chance, if they were not already aware of his books, to look at some of his stories.  This week, students have had the opportunity to order a book of their choice, at a cost of £5, to be signed by the celebrated author during his visit.  We also have a full selection of Tommy’s books in our LRC for students to borrow.

 On Thursday, the Y10 GCSE dance students took part in a workshop with Shobana Jayasingh Dance Company.  The workshop lasted 3 hours and pushed students to their limits allowing them to explore and develop their performance and choreographic skills.  Well done to all students involved for working so hard. 

The following students represent their year group on the Student Council:

Y7 Elliot Fletcher and Shyan Leary

Y8 Nkosi Dube and Stuart Storey

Y9 Callum Kirk and Katie Bell

Y10 Blake Williams and Lauren Fletcher

Y11 Oliver Daniels and Ellie Nicholson

Y12 to be confirmed

Y13 Jack Turner and Jade Ulyatt

Their main purpose is to be the voice of all students in helping to improve our Academy.  In the most recent meeting, students discussed how their suggestions have brought about improvements to our catering provision by brightening up the Cafeteria and increasing the range of healthier eating options.  Further ideas include the installation of a TV and a sound system.  The group has also raised concerns about the condition of the playground at the end of break and lunchtime.  We do have a problem with litter despite spending a considerable amount of money on 12 very large litter bins.  Plastic bottles, drink cans, crisp bags and food waste attract large numbers of seagulls which leave a dangerous mess with their droppings.  Please try to support us by not sending your child to school with these items, encouraging them to be more environmentally aware and to use the bins provided.  We would also like to remind you that chewing gum and fizzy, sugary drinks are not allowed in the Academy.  Students seen dropping litter will be sanctioned. 

At Sheffield Springs Academy we are always conscious of our safeguarding responsibilities.  In our most recent Ofsted report, Inspectors commented that our “arrangements to keep students safe and secure are good”.  In our constant drive to improve and develop the site for all of our students we have revised the entry and exit arrangements from Monday 10th November.  All students arriving and leaving the building, at whatever time of day will do so from the student entrance.  This is accessed by the playground via a new gate which can be controlled and monitored.  The front entrance into reception has also been fitted with controlled access and this will be for the use of staff, parents and visitors only. 

Yours sincerely                                   Yours sincerely                                             Yours sincerely

Russell Heritage                                 Lee Morritt                                                    Jeremy Richardson

Executive Principal                            Associate Principal                                      Associate Principal

Stars of the Week

Weeks Commencing: 13th and 20th October 2014

Congratulations to:

Declan Vaughan, Bethany Shooter, Summer Hydes, Rhiane Freeman-Cain, Sophie Barber, Charli Williams, Megan Garner, Maisey Hazelwood-Fudge, Kimberley Richardson, Corey Birch, Kieran Wright, Samir Arrian, Kamarl Young, Maisie Taylor and Juana Mohammad.

Casey Foster, Tia Fisher, Ellie Moult, Casey Walker, Chloe Clark-Cookson, Bwe Soe, Georgia Leather,

Casey Walker, Nicole Varley, Laura Cooper, Abby Taylor, Cain Tankard and Carley-Jo Greaves.


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